Advisory- Information Technology (IT) Strategy 

The success of modern-day businesses relies increasingly on its ability to incorporate Information Technology (IT) into its business processes and improve their core competency. IT strategies focus on how IT can help the organisation further its business goals and improve the efficacy of business processes. IT strategies should also be aligned with the company’s vision and mission, so that the outcomes support the growth of the company. 

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IT Governance

  • Align IT strategy with Business strategy
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Using IT to drive progress


Procurement Strategy

  • Internal Needs Analysis
  • Developing & Implementing Sourcing Strategies
  • Supplier Negotiations
  • Transition Planning

Strategic Technology Investment Management

  • Resource allocation and investment 
  • Technological solutions for managing projects 
  • Technological Prioritisation

Staff Training

Proper training has to be provided to employees whenever a new IT software is rolled out

Regulatory compliance

Cybersecurity and privacy are a huge concern to many. Regulatory and data protection laws have been put in place to protect the privacy of employees and clients. Therefore, companies must create good policies to prevent data breaches.

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Core IT Operations

Strengthening a company’s core IT operations against cyber threats is a top priority. Firms should develop effective risk-management structures to identify, assess, monitor and manage operational risks.


(Information adapted from ISACA)

Evolving Digital Technology and Automation

An increasing number of businesses are investing in advanced technologies. Although this reaps benefits for the company when it comes to efficacy and accuracy, however, this comes with higher risks of data breaches and system failures. 

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