HREasily - Cloud HR Software

Getting started with HREasily

HREasily is a cloud-based HR solution that specialises in payroll, leave, claims and time attendance management to help businesses optimise HR work processes. The system is streamlined and intuitive while remaining affordable for businesses of every kind.
Partnering with HREasily enables our clients to manage their workforce on a single cloud-based HR platform in Singapore and across the region.

The multiple benefits of HREasily


An HR management system that allows you to maintain the employee database, new hires, leavers, leave, timesheets, expense claims and document storage.
Increased engagement: Employees and employers alike can now easily access their information on a single platform through multiple devices.

Seamless Integration

HREasily is seamlessly integrated with Xero accounting software. Output is recorded as an accounting entry each month and posted directly into Xero. Other system integrations are also available.

Multi – Country Coverage

It enables you to manage your business on a single platform across 8 locations in Asia Pacific region: Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Self-Service Platform

With HReasily’s platform, employees can apply for leave and file claims easily, as well as receive payslips, and clock in and out through our intuitive software.

Simplified Process

Manual processes and filing systems for HR can now be automated, streamlined, and digitalised with HREasily’s cloud platform.

Our Solution


Our payroll platform frees you from hours of manual calculations and filing with our automated processes so that you can focus on what matters most.


Tired of doing paperwork? Apply for leave in a flexible and accessible manner, using any device. Our leave management system is fluid and efficient.


Filing claims can be a tedious process. Our claims system integrates with payroll, allowing you customizable, multi-currency claims, anytime, anywhere.

Time and Attendance


Facial Recognition




Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses HREasily?

HREasily Software is used by all kinds of small to medium-sized businesses within Asia, including startups. We accommodate any client who is looking for a robust accounts management system and who seek a solid foundation to grow their business and branch out into viable markets.

Businesses seeking a workable solution in human resource management can look forward to a seamless cloud-based Software as a service (SaaS) platform, which has been a dynamic answer to over 25,000 businesses. 

SMEs who recognize the importance of transforming digitally will find that our HR management platform and supporting modules can empower them to operate more efficiently and support scalability and long-term growth.

How can HREasily help grow and scale my business?

HREasily allows for the easy management and efficient growth of your business by providing real solutions that work.

We understand that as businesses grow, human resource management can grow more complex. This is why we offer an HR Management Platform that changes the way you work. Manual process and filing systems in HR can now be streamlined digitally through the HReasily cloud platform. Employers and employees can easily access important business management processes within one easy, integrated system. Multiple streams of daily HR processes can now be cut down into one smooth, easy process with workers able to access the platform from any device, no matter where they are.

How will your employees benefit from HREasily?

HREasily is your employee’s self-service platform from which they can apply for leave, receive payslips, run salary reports, and clock in and out. Not only will you reduce your administration and simplify processes, but your employees will also be more engaged with easy access to their personal information.