Nominee Director & Shareholder Services

Singapore Nominee Director & Shareholder Services

Getting a professional person to act as your local nominee director/shareholder of your Singapore company is critical. Appointing the wrong person could lead to dire consequences or hassle later on.

Service Fees

Smaller, Exempt companies + Low Risk

S$ 700/quarter or S$2000/year 

*) Must take Accounting & Tax Services 1 years

Nominee Director ( Executive Role)

S$4200/quarter or S$12000/year 

*) Must take Accounting & Tax Services 1 years

Verification of ‘’ or ‘.sg’ domain name

S$200 per domain name

Please note that the above prices are only valid if you are engaging us for corporate secretary, accounting & tax services.

It is legally mandatory that all new ‘’ or ‘.sg’ domains be verified through the use of SingPass ID which are issued by the government to citizens, PRs and foreigners with valid working permits in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a nominee director manage my company or sign documents?

No, the nominee director cannot manage or involve in the operation of your company.

The nominee director will neither be a bank signatory to the corporate bank account nor play an active role in our Client’s business. The nominee director will merely be the named director of the company in order to fulfill local statutory requirements (e.g., the appointment of a local resident director). Our Client is solely responsible for daily business activities and solely responsible for corporate bank account activity. FORBIS’s nominee director will not sign any invoice , contract or legal documents on behalf of our Client’s company.

Can the nominee director assist to open a corporate bank account and a merchant account?

The nominee director will be able to assist with a corporate bank account opening once the company is incorporated but will not act as a bank signatory.

For companies with a sole foreign director with a physical presence (please note that most banks would usually require physical presence by at least one director), we can assist with the first bank account opening including preparation of board resolution and signing of bank account opening forms in our office, free of charge. If you are arranging for bank account(s) to be opened at your own preferred bank by yourself, please be reminded to let us have a copy of the signed bank standard form containing the resolution to open the account(s) for our records. For the opening of bank account(s) at your own preferred bank which requires our nominee director/secretary to sign on the bank account opening forms, a directors resolution must be prepared to authorize the director/company secretary to sign on behalf of the Company and the bank documents are completed by the banker and signed in our office.

If you require our nominee director/secretary to provide outgoing service to sign documents at any bank branch, an extra charge start from $250 will apply.

Why do you need a security deposit?

The nominee director is required to pay for company liquidation charges in case the foreign client is no longer reachable. Our Nominee Director Service is provided by our reputable and trustworthy professionals. To safeguard the interests of the nominee director, we require that a security deposit be kept with us for as long as our Nominee Director Service is active. Where the service has been terminated without any issues, we will fully refund the deposit to you within 2 weeks.