GST & Income Tax

GST Registration & Filing

If your company has more than S$1 million in revenue, it needs to be GST registered. Simply add S$50/month and ForBis ensure that the quarterly filing is completed accurately and in a timely manner.

Tax Advisory

We provide advisory to manage your income tax return to ensure that your benefits are maximised and your income is declared in a compliant manner. Our clients have saved between 20% – 30% of their tax by maximising their benefits.

Tax Preparation

Our professionals will prepare your individual income tax returns in a professional manner and will discuss your tax submissions with you before submitting your tax returns.

Tax Submissions

We will liaise with IRAS to submit your tax returns on your behalf as a tax agent. You will not be required to liaise with IRAS.

Individual Income Tax Return Advisory

Individual Income Tax Submissions for Self-Employed or Employees whose employers do not have AIS schemes. From just S$1,000 for advisory, preparation & Submission of full year individual income tax.
Personal income tax submissions (Form B Set) are mandatory compliance requirements for reporting your personal income to the authorities, whether you are an employee or self-employed. This is also applicable for individuals with multiple sources of income.
Our tax advisory and preparation service ensures that you maximise your personal income tax benefits, deductions and allowances, lowering the amount of tax you pay. All this while ensuring that the statutory compliance requirements are met. Read more below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why and when do you need professional Tax Partners?

Most commonly, if you are earning income from multiple sources, which a growing number of people are aspiring towards, it might be difficult to handle your income tax returns in a DIY fashion as your declarations may be incorrect and you may not maximise your benefits. By having a tax professional to maximise your tax benefits, you save more money than what you engage by utilising the service!

Why use ForBis as your professional partner?

ForBis professionals are tax experts across various types of tax and provide a holistic view towards tax returns and claims. We specialise in maximising your tax benefits while ensuring all your tax compliance needs are met.

ForBis takes care of your individual income tax compliance in a cost-effective and fuss-free manner, allowing you to focus on growing your income.