Forbis Investment Rounds

Thinking of investing in a startup within the digital financial compliance space? We are currently opening up a new round of investments to fuel our growth! We are issuing high growth capital guaranteed 3 year bonds. Read more to find out how you can grow your money while investing in a worth while project that improves business in Asia.

What are these bonds about? How do they work?

1. Invest

Invest with us from as little as 1000 SGD to start. With interest rates up to 10% p.a. (~ 4 x the risk free rate in Singapore) and guaranteed capital, with bonus payouts of up to 5% of profits per year.

2. Get Coupon Payouts

After the first year, you will receive coupon payouts in cash on both your interest and capital up till the end of the third year. Your capital is guaranteed, so rest easy with your investment!


3. Bonus

At the end of every financial year, we will have bonus payouts that are based on achievement of profit targets for the year. The bonus payouts will be paid to each bond holder at the end of every year.

Our Bond Plans


1,000 SGD Per Bond

6.8 % Per Annum

3 Years Bond Period

0.2% Profit Share Bonus Per Bond

Quarterly Payout (Post Y1): 143.91 SGD


5,000 SGD Per Bond

8.8 % Per Annum

3 Years Bond Period

0.5% Profit Share Bonus Per Bond

Quarterly Payout (Post Y1): 749.03 SGD 


10,000 SGD Per Bond

10 % Per Annum

3 Years Bond Period

1% Profit Share Bonus Per Bond

Quarterly Payout (Post Y1): 1,534.14 SGD

Simply drop us your details to receive a detailed informational copy of our bond plans. Our investment director will get in touch with you to start things off.

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