Compliance Requirements:
Financial Statements & Tax

Financial Statements and Tax Preparation are mandatory compliance requirements for reporting to the authorities. Keeping your books up-to-date also allows you to make informed decisions regarding your business.

Our standard compliance package ensures that you remain in the good books of ACRA & IRAS so you don’t get in trouble iwht governemnt bodies!

At Forbis Accounting, you can simply subscribe and relax.

For only S$100/month, we will handle all the critical compliance functions of your business; book-keeping, preparation of the financial statements & corporate tax filing. As your company scales, we can adjust to meet the needs of your company accordingly.

Engage us to have your Accounting needs served professionally.

Everything that is included

Financial Statements – Accounting & Book Keeping

  • Monthly Book-Keeping services up to 60 Transactions
  • Year-end non-audited financial statements


  • Talenox – Basic Suite


  • Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)
  • Form CS

Xero (Cloud Accounting Software)

  • Check on your company accounts anytime, anywhere through Xero 
  • When Xero auto-reconcile your bank statements, those transactions are NOT counted!
  • Subscription Included (Partner Only – Fully Managed Xero Plan)

Additional Services

Upgrading Xero Subscription

Single-Currency +S$45/month
Multi-Currency +S$60/month

*We can also accept USD payments based on prevailing rates charged by Xero.


Our accountants will invoice your clients for you, on the same day for just S$3 per invoice.

This is a popular service amongst law corporations & interior design firms.


As you scale, you will have more transactions every month. All you need to do is to simply top-up $20 for additional 20 transactions.

Upgrading Talenox Subscription

Premium Suite +S$40/month for the first 5 employees.

Additional S$8 for each full-time employee
Additional S$4 for each part-time employee

Full Payroll Services

You can completely outsource your payroll to us at S$50 per employee. Our HR experts will compute the salary, issue the itemised payslip, process the salary payment to employees and Central Provident Funds (CPF) as well as issue Form IR8A.

     *Free Talenox subscription with a minimum of 5 employees

    GST Registration & Filing

    If your company has more than S$1 million in revenue, it needs to be GST registered. Simply add S$50/month and ForBis ensure that the quarterly filing is completed accurately and in a timely manner.

    Audit Required?
    Our company has a list of trusty public accountants that have a wealth of experience in various industries. You can use our recommendations. If you already have an auditor in mind, we could also liaise with them!

    Why do you need to do Accounting & Bookkeeping for your financial statements and tax preparation?

    The Singapore Companies’ Act obligates all companies registered/incorporated in Singapore to keep proper books of accounts. Good book-keeping not only facilitates day-to-day account maintenance and drafting of financial statements for the submission of annual returns but also provides insight for sound business decision-making as well as efficient financial management. 


    Why use Forbis as your professional partner?

    ForBis offers a comprehensive range of accounting and bookkeeping services for companies that wish to outsource their bookkeeping function. Our accountants can compile your yearly accounts information for submission to ACRA and IRAS. We specialise in maintaining a timely accounting system that allows you to manage your accounts cost-effectively.


    ForBis takes care of your compliance in a cost-effective and fuss-free manner, allowing you to focus on your business.

    Confused? Uncertain? Don’t worry – we understand that it isn’t easy. Our experts undergo numerous years of training before getting it & we still had to continuously go for professional development courses & training!

    Please, don’t hesitate to seek clarification or raise any concerns you may have.

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