Corporate Secretary Services


Our corporate secretary services are reliable and cost effective. We offer different packages to suit all your needs – to grow with you. Scroll down to find out more about our packages and service offerings.

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Within 3 working days, our staff would contact you to complete the engagement of corporate secretary as well filing the appointment of secretary with ACRA for your company!

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Terms of Engagement

  • Corporate secretarial services start on the day of the appointment (date lodged with ACRA) and not the date of payment. 
  • Premature termination of any plan (within 12 months of appointment) will incur penalties.
  • 1 month is counted based on the date regardless of the number of days in a month. I.e. If the appointment was for 18 months starting from 12th January 2018, the service will expire on 11th July 2019. 

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