Pocket Common Seal/Corporate Seal

Common seal, also known as corporate seal is compulsory for incorporated companies under Singapore’s Companies Act. Common Seals are used to make embossed impressions onto thin materials and does not require ink (unlike the more commonly used company stamps). Our pocket common seal comes with a small plastic container that makes it easier to keep & travel around with it!
Description Price (SGD)
Pocket Common Seal From $80
Common Seal stickers (Gold, Silver, Red) 10pcs for $8
For further enquiries and details, please contact us or email us at forbis@forbis.com.sg and we will revert within 24 hours.  

Table Common Seal

If your company is required to make large amounts of certificates where the common seal is required, it would make more sense to get the table common seal. While it is bigger, it offers clearer impression and usage is less tiring on the arms! Contact us for the prices!
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