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Business Sale & Acquisition

The business world is a fast-paced & competitive scene. Companies change hands all the time. In today’s world, many start a business with the aim of getting bought over by larger firms – giving the founders and investors a quick windfall. However, exiting a company might be even harder making it profitable!

It is a complex task to accurately value and market a business to another person or company. More often than not, besides the profitability of the sale of the business, most owners worry if the new owner would be able to carry the values of the brand. Witha heavy heart, many owners end up liquidating and striking off their company after years of hard work building up the value of the brand.

ForBis hopes to help business owners sell the goodwill of the brand to another person/company. Apart from assisting the brand owner in maximising the money he can obtain from the sale, we do our best to make sure the new owners would carry on the values of the brand and bring it to greater heights.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, our consultants are well-trained and observe professional ethics and code of conduct. We have paperwork for those who are willing to settle it merely as well as a list of highly recommended lawyers to choose from for those who want to play safe.



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